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Mis à jour : 24 nov. 2020

I will tell you a secret because this story could help you.

March 22, 2019,

I was living in Courchevel, working for the winter season in a Palace.

Clearly not the best time of my life. My job was not what I expected at all, but leaving would have been a run away. As I was feeling trapped by my own choices, I had to find a solution to fight against my negative thoughts, and think about how I wanted my future to be. But I was struggling.

The first decision I took, was to be coached. I choosed a great woman to help me understand my choices and behaviours. Jenny Chammas is a certified life coach specialized in helping woman achieve their professional goals.

Together, we dug into darkness and light appeared.

Sometimes small events of your past can give you wrong ideas about yourself. What you think about you is key. Jenny helped me recover my self-esteem making me see the past as something over, that does not say who I am today. She also, gave me methods to cut my unnecessary / imaginary fears and shames.

I really advise everyone to be coached someday, for work, for family matters, or just for the sake of your mental health. I had tried many psychologists in the past, but I never had such results as quickly. Amazing method.

The second decision, was to find a good yoga class online. I had done some yoga classes in my life but few teachers made me want to be assiduous and constant. After looking at almost fifteen videos on Youtube, I bumped into Yoga With Adriene. I did one class, then another one, and then got really excited! The next day, all I was thinking about, was my next class.

Now, I do Yoga everyday. I have seen my body change in 2 years, but especially my flexibility. Before, my hands were far above the floor when leaning, now I can touch the floor easily with both hands.

It took me one year of hard work.

Since that day, Adriene Mishler became my beloved teacher. She doesn't know me, she lives in Austin Texas, but she takes very good care of my mental health and body. That's the magic of Internet. Such a crazy time to be alive.

I hope one day I'll meet her.

Might be going to Texas to show up to her Live Yoga classes.

Meanwhile, I thank her and my coach Jenny, as they made my last months in Courchevel smoother and my future brighter.

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https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene (free yoga online)

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